Proven to destroy 100% of morphine-based drug molecules in 24hrs

Why us?

  • The most destructive drug containment kit commercially available.

  • Reduces the time to full destruction of controlled drug waste.

  • Independent testing by an NHS Pharmacy Regional Quality Laboratory showed Morphine molecules are 100% destroyed with 24hrs. This is unlike any other destruction or denature kits available where only up to 98% is destroyed in a minimum of 48hours.

  • Easy to use. The clear, wide-neck jars enable easy filling allowing the contents to be viewed during destruction. The destruction formula solidifies within minutes and destruction begins.

  • Reduces the need for long storage time before onward disposal. 24hrs is sufficient. There’s no requirement to secure the kits inside the controlled drug cabinet for 48-72hrs before placing in pharmaceutical waste.

    • No requirement to place the jar inside a plastic bag to 
contain any overspills when drugs are destroyed as the 
screw-thread lid seals the jar preventing any spillage /
 leakage after use.
  • The new formula is deep purple in colour and as destruction occurs this fades giving a visible indication that drug destruction is in progress.

    • The destruction formula is contained in a water soluble 
sachet to reduce the risk of user contamination and 
spillage of the dry formula before use.
    • Due to the way we build the formula there are no loose 
dust crystals which reduces the risk to uses of inhalation 
should the sachet be damages before use.
  • Our standard sizes are 100ml, 250ml, 1L, 2L, 4L , 20L. Other sizes available upon request

  • Supports the reduction of single-use plastics as the 250mls kits are made from recycled plastic - Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials. We plan to move all other kits to PCR packaging

How to use

A dedicated team

Our flexible, dedicated team can work with you to offer individual solutions to meet specific drug disposal requirements including own brand white label agreements.

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