About us

We help our clients manage the safe and effective disposal of controlled drugs in line with Best Practice Guidelines and Legislative Regulations.

About us

Safer Options Ltd is a UK based supplier of specialist kits used in the process of managing controlled drug waste to help meet the legislative requirements for safe disposal of unwanted controlled drugs.

The kits are built in our UK facility with components being sourced from our UK based partners, including sustainably sourced paper/inks for our labels and Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) for our smaller kits to help reduce the carbon footprint of our products.

Available to purchase through NHS Supply chain, from our distributor and wholesale partners or direct from us we supply to NHS hospitals, NHS Ambulance Trusts and NHS community-based service providers, The MOD, Prison Services, Retail Pharmacists, Private Hospitals, Hospices, Charities, Vet and Dental practices and Industry.

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Both the Saferdestruct24 and Saferdenature products are available in a range of kit sizes.