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Providing a proven range of easy-to-use CD Denature Kits (sometimes referred to as DOOP Kits) for NHS and private pharmacy service providers, opticians, dentists, veterinary practices and home use. Safer Options is an approved supplier to NHS Supply Chain, NHS Scotland, Pharmaceutical Wholesalers, Care Homes, Hospices and Industry.

As a specialist UK based business, with a focused product range, Safer Options is recognised as a key supplier of Controlled Drug Denature Kits which help guard against the misuse of controlled drugs, reduce harm to the environment or people and prevent the supply of easily retrievable Controlled Drugs.

Our flexible, dedicated team can work with you to offer individual solutions to meet specific drug disposal requirements including own brand white label agreements.


As recommended by NHS England, all Controlled Drugs in Schedule 2, 3 and 4 (Part 1) should be destroyed by being denatured and rendered irretrievable before being placed into pharmaceutical waste containers. In line with the Misuse of Drugs Regulations (2001), the management and destruction of Controlled Drugs (CDs) in the health system is a shared responsibility between NHS England, service providers, regulators and the police, as the prompt and lawful destruction of obsolete CD stock is a matter of patient safety and public protection.

Recommended Method for Destruction of Controlled Drugs

  1. Ensure adequate access to water.
  2. Liquids should be emptied into an appropriate CD denaturing kit.
  3. Tablets and capsules should be removed from their outer packaging and blister packaging and emptied into a CD denaturing kit.
  4. Liquid ampoules should be opened and as much content as possible emptied into the CD denaturing kit. Ampoules containing the CD in a powder form can be opened, water added to dissolve the powder, and the resultant mixture poured into the CD denaturing kit. The ampoule can then be disposed of in the sharps bin.
  5. Aerosol formulations should be expelled into water (to prevent droplets of drug entering the air). Face masks may need to be worn; adequate ventilation must be ensured. The resulting solution can then be disposed of in an appropriate CD denaturing kit.
  6. The CD denaturing kit should be filled with the correct amount of water, sealed and shaken to ensure adequate denaturing of products. The kit should then be placed in a yellow waste bin for incineration.

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