NHS Supply Chain procure high-quality products at the best value which support time saving, cost-effective and efficient procurement activity across the NHS.
As a long-term supplier via the e-direct channel, Safer Options offers a range of ‘DOOP' kits / CD denature kits to a wide range of hospital pharmacies, the MOD and prison services who are working to optimise their procurement efficiencies by purchasing via the NHS Supply Chain catalogue.

National Product Code Product Size Pack Size
KYA017 250ml 25
KYA109 250ml 50
KYA112 500ml 6
KYA015 1L 6
KYA116 1L 2
KYA014 2L 1
KYA012 4L 1

For the NHS Scotland and NHS Wales we supply direct to hospitals; please contact us to set-up your hospital for supply

Full product range is available via the e-direct route in the NHS Supply Chain Catalogue.