Why Safer Options

What makes us different?

We listened to our customer concerns about traditional denature kits.

All our kits have inside a water-soluble sachet containing the denaturing formula. This reduces the risk of user contamination due to spillage or ‘dust cloud’ when using the kit. The sachet does not have to be cut open as the denaturing formula is released when water is added to the kit for the denaturing process to begin.

Safer Options provide a standard range of controlled drug denature kits to meet customer needs, but talk to us if you want something different to what we offer as we can provide different sized denature kits to the standard range. We recognise that our customer require the opportunity to promote their own brand through their product and service offering; speak to us about white label solutions.

Do you need to manage your pharmaceutical drug manufacturing waste and seek a cost effective alternative to reduce the cost of pharmaceutical waste disposal? Speak to us about our developing range to meet this specialist market segment.

Do you wish to cut your costs of pharmaceutical waste management? Talk to us about how we can help you meet your compliance obligations to ensure your pharmaceutical waste is correctly disposed of from initial denaturing, through to audited collection and disposal via our licensed carrier partner.