Who needs it?

“Controlled drugs (CDs) must be rendered unrecoverable prior to onward safe disposal.”

Compliance is critical! Out of date or unwanted drugs must be denatured before incineration in line with legislated requirements;

  • Misuse Of Drugs Regulations (MDR) 2001. Amendment on 16/08/2007
    The destruction of unused or unwanted Schedule 2 CD stock must only take place in the presence of an appropriately authorised person.
    • Accountable Officer to authorise people or groups of people to witness the destruction of controlled drugs in compliance with these regulations.
    • Controlled Drugs (Supervision Management & use) regulations 2006 (England)
    • Health Act 2006
  • The above applies to Scotland, England and Wales. Northern Ireland has its own MDR (2002) which mirrors the above.

So, if you are a pharmacist in a retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy / health centre, prison or veterinary surgery Safer Options can help.